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About Adam (founder of Masteries Contest Ready)

Hello everyone,

Some of you may know me as a NSABBA provincial judge, or as the head judge for the NS competitions in 2016, or even as a NSABBA Executive Director when I was the treasurer of the association in 2016.

And, some of you may know me as a guest judge or statistician in your province if you live on the Atlantic Coast (New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland).

Or, some of you may know me as a CBBF national judge, or as a CBBF national statistician.

Then there are others of you who may know me from the years when I was a manager at GNC (General Nutrition Centers), or even a fitness coach and personal trainer at gyms throughout Nova Scotia.

And then there are those of you who knew me when I picked up my first weight and started natural bodybuilding over 26 years ago. And I continued to work out for 6 years until I entered my first of many competitions at the age of 20. At my first show I won the first of many trophies including the overall – and I was even honored at one contest to have been awarded the best poser once (it was very surreal).

But no matter how you know me, I’d like to help any of you who want to improve themselves to be the best version you can be for your next competition.

What you’ll get is the best, 100% ALL-NATURAL Contest Ready Complete and Individual Solutions. You’ll get Personalized Contest Ready Training, Dieting, Posing, Mindset, Complete Prep and Planning for your next competition – and you’ll learn how to present your best package to the judges, the way they want to see you, so you can get the best placing that you deserve!

It’s called Masteries Contest Ready, and you can see more of what is available here.

With the Contest Ready Complete Solutions, you’ll get Personalized Contest Ready Coaching tailored specifically for you, and your next competition. We ONLY provide 100% natural services & solutions – no PEDs or any other unnatural solutions.

If you want to do it, we know how to do it – so let’s get you ready, with Contest Ready!

AND, Masteries Naturals Classic registrants* get 50% OFF all Masteries Contest Ready services and solutions!

Click here to learn more.

*Information about competing and registering for the Masteries Naturals Classic is available here.


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