We believe that values create culture, and that authentic leaders live by those values in order to help create outstanding experiences for others. And because this, we believe there can be only one true core value which everything else stems from – and that is the experiences which people have.

A person’s experiences are at the heart of everything we do at Masteries. We believe that people are what businesses, organizations, and life are all about – and it’s the center point of everything we focus our efforts on.

We believe that within Masteries, if people have outstanding experiences they will be passionate in creating and providing extraordinary solutions so that others may also have outstanding experiences as well. And because we are able to provide them with amazing experiences, they will be willing trade their money for the extraordinary value of the experience we provided them.

So everything we value, and everything we do, centers around people and the value of the experiences we can create for them…and we believe this is the most important thing, without any question.


Our Values



We believe we should always choose to do what’s right:

• Choose right thinking, right speech, and right actions based on your intention to help another in a ethical way.

• Commit to living to our shared values, ethics, the belief that everyone equally deserves the very best through equitable rights and privileges for every person without discrimination of any kind.

• To be a person of character and principles, living with honesty and integrity.

• To have a voice and saying no to what you think, feel, or sense is not right.

• Commit to always developing yourself personally and professionally.

• Sincerely owning up to your mistakes (we all make them, and none of us is perfect) – and then commit to being and doing better.


We believe in never putting profits before people:

• Our business is all about people, and we need to be 100% dedicated to the people we work with, help and support – we are a people company, period.

• Commit to executing our company’s vision and strategy by working toward our shared mission and goals.

• Focus on, and do, only what’s important (and politely saying no to what’s not).

• Focus on giving selflessly, without any expectation of reward or benefit in return – show up to give, share and help.


We believe you need to take your time with people because slow is fast when it comes to building trust and relationships with people:

• Remember that everyone is someone’s son or daughter, and it’s our individual responsibility to take care of each other so we are all safe, happy, and growing.

• By taking care of the people around you, sometimes it means prioritize others first in your relationships, and it could be when you need to help them most. For when in need, we all come together to help one another because we are all family, and we need to take care of each other.

• Always seek to understand before responding, and show love, compassion, and kindness for everyone. We need to be honest, transparent and constructive in all communications with everyone. This will create empathy and respect for each other, while gaining trust and cooperation.


We believe that leadership is about being responsible for people, just as a parent is responsible for their family. Leadership is about taking care of people, and has nothing to do with a position of authority. We believe everyone should continuously work on being a better leader:

• Leadership is not about power, position of authority or money, it’s about helping other people to grow, in a safe environment, while empowering them to achieve the company’s strategic goals and vision. We should always create a safe, relaxed, family-style culture, powered by inspiration and passion, where it feels more like a club, group, etc… than a business.

• Develop more humility and humbleness. Be open to the ideas of others. We should always be in the mindset of being a student, because there’s always more to learn – and the more you learn, the more you will realize how much you really do not yet know.

• Help people when they ask for it, until then, let them continue to strive to achieve on their own – even if it means they might fail. Whether they succeed or not, the experience will help them to understand and learn more than if you push your ideas onto them. Wait for them to come to you, and when they do, help them in the best way that you can.

• Be patient and selfless. Our time spent giving empathetic and compassionate attention to someone is the greatest gift we can give – emotions make the difference. Leadership should focus on the growth of people and their abilities – we do not believe that managing people to assure the completeness and correctness of tasks is effective, but destructive. Encourage responsibility and accountability. We do not believe you should complete outcomes for them, but instead, help them to learn tools and strategies that they can use to do it better (this creates more valuable skills in people which builds confidence, appreciation, caring and love).

• People are not machines or structures, they have feelings, original thoughts, family lives, hopes, dreams, etc… so treat them like they’re family. We need to empower, inspire and encourage them to take creative, wise, and strategic risks. We need to remember that mistakes and perceived failures are only feedback, or learning experiences, and that when we commit to achieving certain outcomes, and never give up, we can achieve amazing things.



We believe you should only manage processes, things and numbers – but never people:

• Manage structure, business elements and non-people resources to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness.

• Find ways to continuously improvement the existing strategies and systems. There is always a better and smarter way to do things.

• Eliminate waste. Remove the “stuff” that provides no value…if people don’t appreciate it, it’s not worth investing in.

• Look to take advantage of new ideas, technologies or breakthroughs. Try to automate as much as possible so people can focus on helping others achieve more peace, happiness, and fulfillment in their lives.



We believe that slow and steady progress wins the race:

• Deadlines only create stress. Instead, try to focus on the outcome of the experience for the person(s), even if small and gradual. When everyone works together to create an outstanding experience, the timing will be as it should be.

• More incremental, iterative results. It’s more important to create a smaller increase of experience for others now, than to create a large change all at once. We need to try to continually improve the experience of others, one small step at-a-time.

• Work on smaller yet challenging goals toward the larger vision and strategy. When we chunk the overall goal into smaller pieces, they are easier to achieve, and we will build momentum, passion and excitement as we continue to meet our smaller goals more often.

• Consistency and perseverance to create quality outcomes, outweigh the speed at which we create them. We believe that outstanding experience comes from the quality of an outcome instead of the quantity of lesser experiences. Yet, we need to remember that we are not striving for perfection, simply the quality outcomes of consistent excellence.

• When you continue to do the right things, success will happen. Investing is about long-term, loyal, slow, steady, and consistent evolutions toward an outcome. Where gambling is about the short-term, non-committed, non-consistent, revolutions of variable experiences for instant gratification. We believe that long-term success takes time, and we need to have an investment mindset, everyday.

The Masteries Motto is: To Passionately Empower the Masterful Creation of Peace, Happiness and Fulfillment 🙂

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